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Stay connected to your family, no matter the distance

MyEureka Mobile pllbox will send you notifications if your loved ones forgets to take their pills. The built in messenger makes it easy for you to send them personal reminders too.

MyEureka mobile keeps track of your progress

True to its approach to adherence and treatment monitoring, My Eureka Mobile Pillbox  provides patients with a new treatment monitoring service. This mobile application has been designed to help them not to forget taking their medications or that of their loved ones.

Send a piture of your médecine prescription

Your doctor will give you your médecine prescription, scan you with your phone and send your prescription picture to your pharmacist. The pharmacist receives a message informing him / her of the receipt of your prescription photo. He / she prepares your pills in complete peace and notifies you via the application that your order is ready. You save time! When you arrive at the pharmacy, present the original of your prescription and your Vitale card to finalize the dispensation. The pharmacist will be able to devote himself fully to the council when you come since the medicines are already ready!

Missed Pills Notification

Ideal for the patients who follow long term treatments, with the recall of catch and posology,you gain in serenity, without fear of lapse of memory of the good observance of its treatment.
You receive, alarms on your mobile, pointing outthe hour to you, the drug to be taken and itsposology. You validate your catches directly in theapplication.
Family members can receive alerts if the user might have taken the wrong dose.

History Log

Tracks your progress over time to help you reach your health goals

List your medical contacts

Add the numbers and addresses of your medical contacts (emergencies, general practitioners, dentists, pediatricians ...) to your health directory. You can contact them at any time, directly from the application.

Patients aged 75 and over take medication once or several times a day
Patients aged 70 and over take between 5 and 10 drugs per day
of French over 70 in 2014

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